What’s in my go bag?

Many Amateur radio operators who are ARES members will have a go bag incase something happens and they are needed. What is in that go bag? That varies by person, for instance in mine is 4 handhelds and spare batteries, fittings, cables chargers a 12 Volt to 120 V adapter to easily charge the handhelds, a scanner, an aircraft Radio (I hold an ROC-A), eating utensils, bug spray, sunscreen in the summer various forms and papers, non-surgical masks, handwipes from Boston Pizza, para-chord, my NanoVNA, a small first aid kit and a digital recorder with spare batteries for it.

Why so much, you ask? I have never been called out and I do not know what I really need so I have packed what I think I need. If I get the call I will also have to grab some clothing, medications, a couple days worth of food, a 65watt vhf radio, a tripod, 5 pieces of army surplus tentpole, a 2m jpole I built myself and 100 feet of coax and a 12v power supply. This would allow me to set up a 2M base if my Mobile or the handhelds were not enough.

Again, I don’t really know what I will need but I am trying to prepare enough. I could use some other things, a soldering iron and solder, for instance. I will get those in time. The idea is to take what you think you will need for the first 24 to 48 hours to be able to communicate by radio whether it is at a Red Cross evacuation center, shadowing the fire chief, working a radio from an EOC or just being an observer relaying a situation back to Incident command or the communication center.